Group in Brookhaven hosts monthly rally in hopes of praying the crime away

Group in Brookhaven hosts monthly rally in hopes of praying the crime away

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (WLBT) - A group in Brookhaven is hosting monthly rallies to pray away the crime in the small town.

Some in the “Homeseeker’s Paradise” say the train tracks separate two sides of Brookhaven, some say “Don’t cross the tracks,” whichever way that may go.

But a group of about a dozen women have started a movement: United in Christ Against Violence.

Each second Monday of the month, they meet by the train tracks -- by design -- and pray for the growing crime to stop in their city.

Tiffany Blackwell lost her son Jordan in the shooting spree in 2017 that left eight dead. Her sister Shayla Edwards also lost her son Austin.

It was the vision of Edwards and Erin Smith to bring all sides of the community together to present a united front against the evil of violent crime.

“Going through what we went through, and with these ladies and this prayer service monthly, this has really helped us become stronger in christ and stronger in the community,” said Tiffany Blackwell. “And by this being laid on their hearts to do this, it has helped us to grow stronger.”

Melissa Hewitt moved to Brookhaven from Jackson some time ago, and found in this group something she’d been missing since she left.

“I was in tears the first time we got together because I had a prayer group in Jackson and we really prayed powerful prayers and I never had been able to meld that together in Brookhaven. The lord hadn’t given it to me yet until this group.”

The group meets at Railroad Park from 5:30 to 6 the second monday of every month. For the days it rains, they're in the Chamber of Commerce. Everyone is welcome.

“We come to pray, we see no color,” said Blackwell. “We see no denomination, we are from all walks of life, different churches, and we all come in and we just pray. We don’t see color.”

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