Son blames dad in ongoing Ridgway Lane embezzlement case

Updated: Jan. 9, 2020 at 8:37 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - New details emerging in that ongoing embezzlement case involving home owners associations from around the metro.

The Ridgway Lane management company faces multiple lawsuits, accusing them of taking millions from HOA bank accounts they managed.

In court documents filed in Rankin county court this week, Ridgway Lane vice president, David W. Lane is denying involvement and distancing himself from his father David L. Lane both accused of stealing millions from local HOA’s.

“What I hear from his counsel is that the son was not aware of what the father was doing so that by that the son is essentially pointing to his father as the source of the losses there,” said Michael Wolfe.

Michael Wolfe represents the Lakebend homeowners association.

They’re seeking a default judgement of over a million dollars from Ridgway lane, claiming the company siphoned money from their HOA. bank accounts for over a decade.

Michael Wolfe said,

"Money was paid to Ridgway Lane over the course of about 10 years in amounts that are certainly unaccounted for. Over those 10 years the amounts they've taken do not accurately reflect with what they were telling the clients the clients had."

In November, boxes from HOA's were being shipped out of the Ridgway Lane headquarters in Flowood.

Today, the offices are vacated and stripped of any sign they were ever there.

President David L. Lane has stated he planned to leave the business at the end of the year due to health reasons and his son David W. Lane was also leaving.

They’ve shut the business down, leaving their HOA’s in the dark.

"We sit in the same boat as all the other home owners associations collectively I think were all looking at the same legal issue going forward that is how much was taken, who took it and where did it end up? " said Wolfe.

A question we will continue to ask and update you on as the lawsuits move forward.

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