The Pearl River is high, but it’s not expected to cause flooding

The Pearl River is high, but it’s not expected to cause flooding

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Water levels in the Pearl River rose very quickly in the last week, but they should level off for the time being.

Reservoir officials are also releasing water off the spillway in efforts to keep the lake levels low.

They were trying to bring the lake down to 295 feet to expose any Giant Salvinia they are trying to eradicate.

Currently, they have not been able to spray any herbicides because the lake has been too high.

They’re hoping to bring the water levels down two feet in the coming month, but don’t expect people downstream to flood.

“Every gauge except one has crested, but the crest is going to be long and broad because we’re going to be releasing water," John Sigman, Executive Director of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, said. "All the gauges up stream have crested, so until we get new rainfall that’s behind us and we’ll address it as it comes down the river.”

Right now Reservoir officials don’t believe the rain this weekend will cause any flooding on the river.

They hope to control the water as it flows into the lake and release it down stream without causing problems for residents in Jackson.

Reservoir officials are trying to keep the Pearl River in Jackson below 33 feet, which is the threshold of when it gets into businesses in some parts of downtown Jackson.

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