Hinds Co. appoints new public defender

Hinds Co. appoints new public defender
Attorney Gail Wright Lowery. (Source: Hinds Co. Circuit Court)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Senior Hinds County Circuit Court judge Tomie Green has appointed Attorney Gail Wright Lowery to be Hinds County’s public defender.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously accepted Attorney Lowery’s appointment, which comes after the previous public defender, Michelle Purvis Harris, officially retired on December 31, 2019 after serving two four-year terms.

The public defender handles all duties involved in managing indigent defendants’ court cases. Responsibilities of the office include providing clients with legal representation during all phases of a case, preparing and presenting their defense and ensuring the timely submission of legal documents and reports.

A life resident of Hinds County, Attorney Lowery is committed to leading a dedicated crew of assistant public defenders who will provide competent representation to the citizens of Hinds County who have been charged with felonies and are otherwise unable to secure proper representation.

Attorney Lowery will begin serving as public defender on February 1.

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