Atmos crews to shut off gas before repairing gas leak near Jackson elementary school

Atmos crews working to repair gas leak near Jackson elementary school

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Atmos crews are working to repair a major gas leak near Key Elementary School in Jackson. It happened around midnight at the intersection of McDowell and Belvedere roads.

According to an Atmos spokesperson, someone in the area reported a gas odor.

Officials said McDowell Road, Belvedere Drive and Shepwood Drive are blocked off at this time.

Crews are digging through several layers of asphalt to find the valves on McDowell Road to shut off the gas before repairing the leak. They expect to shut off gas to the area around noon.

Sherwin Johnson with Jackson Public Schools said Key Elementary is open and safe for students and staff to resume their regular schedule.

Repairs could take several hours. There have been no nearby evacuations as of now.

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