President Trump sends ‘best wishes’ to Deputy Brad Sullivan as he continues to recover

President Trump sends ‘best wishes’ to Deputy Brad Sullivan as he continues to recover
Deputy Brad Sullivan, left, the day he was released from rehab. (Source: Facebook/Prayers for Deputy Brad Sullivan)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The love and support is still pouring in for Deputy Brad Sullivan, who was critically wounded in the line of duty in September of 2019.

Friday morning, the Praying for Deputy Brad Sullivan shared a letter of support from President Donald Trump to Sullivan, saying he and Melania “pray God grant you comfort and strength as you continue to heal."

Commander in Chief sends his support to Brad.

Posted by Praying for Deputy Brad Sullivan on Friday, January 3, 2020

Sullivan was released from the hospital on December 20, just in time to spend Christmas with his family.

“I am so happy for him to have survived," Pepper Miller said the day he was released. "It was a miracle. We prayed for him. Our whole church prayed for him. He’s a wonderful man and I’m just so thankful that God allowed him to live--spare his life--for his family and his children.”


The Praying for Brad Sullivan Facebook page, created by family, provided updates on Sullivan’s condition as he continued to make progress following the life-altering incident.

On November 15, he stood tall for the first time since the accident. In another post, he was seen sitting next to Kathryn Crawford in physical therapy with the caption, “Brad is always making friends."

Sullivan can also be seen on the Facebook page smiling next to autographed football helmets from Coach Matt Luke of Ole Miss and Coach Joe Moorhead of Mississippi State.

Friends of Deputy Sullivan said he’s shown incredible bravery.

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