New federal law aimed at combating robocalls

New federal law aimed at combating robocalls

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - No one wants to ring in the new year with more robocalls. There’s some good news to pass along in the fight to keep those calls at bay.

Kanitra Adams gets those pesky calls all the time.

“You can never get rid of them," said Adams. "You can put the number on block and everything but they’ll still call.”

Her immediate thought when she hears the term “robocall”?

“ a headache," she admitted. "Cause that’s what they give...headaches.”

Cortez Clark has also tried blocking them to no avail.

“I thought about changing my number but I think everybody’s going through it," explained Clark. "I just hope they can get it under control and put it to a stop.”

The President signed a bill into law Monday with the idea of combating the issue. It requires phone companies to put a system in place that helps stop the calls before they reach the consumer at no additional charge. The law will also give the FCC more time to fine robocallers.

“The federal law is a step in the right direction," said Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley. "But it in no means is going to stop all the calls because many of these come from international sources.”

Presley says it’s something being worked on at a statewide level, too.

“What we’re seeing is, these calls have gone from just being an annoyance to being a crime," he explained. "And we have victim after victim in this state. And while we’re able to pursue an investigation of the companies...many of these scam artists are living within our midst...within our state.”

Some of those living in the state are participating as the middle man or woman. And Presley says that’s why they’ll be pushing for legislation to grant more enforcement powers.

“So that we can work with law enforcement agencies to have a finely honed task force to go after these folks and to put them in jail,” added Presley.

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