ALERT DAY: Rain, storms likely Thursday, into Friday

ALERT DAY: Rain, storms likely Thursday, into Friday

Today is an ALERT DAY as multiple threats are possible throughout the rest of our Thursday... Make sure you can hear and respond to any warnings that may come out. The most concerning of the threats is our flash flooding potential as 2-4" is likely through Friday morning, but a corridor upwards of 5-6" of rain is also possible. This corridor could set up over the metro as many are commuting home from their first day of work after the holidays.

Severe weather is also a concern, mainly along and south of I-20. Damaging wind gusts are the greatest threat, but tornadoes are also possible. Gusty winds will even be likely outside of any thunderstorm activity. Along and SE of the Natchez Trace has the best chance at dealing with 20-30mph wind gusts throughout the day.

Scattered showers will remain likely through Friday until our low pressure system exits our area to the east.

A cooler and drier weekend is on the way!

ALERT DAY: rain, storms likely Thursday, into Friday

Rachel Coulter

WLBT/FOX 40 First Alert Meteorologist

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