After Christmas shopping can make or break local businesses

After Christmas shopping can make or break local businesses

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Christmas might be a thing of the past but shoppers are still hitting the stores to catch those post Christmas sales.

A National Retail Federation survey found 68 percent of holiday consumers will likely shop the week after Christmas. Local shops in the metro tell 3 on your side the holiday rush is far from over.

Every year shoppers flood the stores, before and after Christmas, eager to snag a deal.

In Fact, the National Retail Federation projects over $700 billion in holiday sales this year across the country.

“Starting the week of Christmas.. that was the busiest time for us.”

And more than half of shoppers will return or exchange a gift they receive from Santa.

Which means good news for locally owned businesses like the Magnolia Soap and Bath Company.

“This year was awesome.. we just arrived here in Jackson in November and we had to start hand making everything. We got cleaned out a couple times but that’s great.”

It's no secret during the busy holiday shopping season... most local businesses have to compete with massive retailers to attract shoppers.

Here’s just one of the way’s Chance Kitchens makes it all happen.

“This is all plant based soap and bath. No harsh chemicals or detergents that will hurt you or dry your skin out.”

And not only that... Kitchens says they have their own secret weapon.

“We open up our doors and the smell lingers out onto the courthouse so everyone in Highland Village smells us before they see us!”

D Squared has been around since 2012 and has made quite the name for itself.

Making it a go to for shoppers around town.

“It has been so busy... and a huge huge time for retailers. We had a great Christmas!”

Offering everything from...

“Ladies clothing, accessories, jewelry, gifts!”

With online shopping taking over it’s easier then ever for locally owned stores to be forgotten during the Christmas shopping season.

But one of the ways they attract customers to shop locally... is by offering unique merchandise.

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