Claiborne Co. officials continue search for man accused of killing his girlfriend

Man wanted in 21 year old's death

CLAIBORNE COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Sheriff Frank Davis said 21-year-old Quawanda Hicks was shot multiple times and died before her body was dumped off Willow Road near Port Gibson.

“If you was driving through with a car, you would have never seen her. It just so happens that those guys came through on those four-wheelers and were able to see her,” said Davis.

Hicks was reported missing on December 19 by her mother.

“[Hicks] came by the house with this young man and picked up some things and left, yes. But her mother didn’t feel like she was going to stay. But she did come back with him and left the house,” explained the sheriff.

Davis is referring to 37-year-old Darion Hill, who dated Hicks on and off for quite some time.

Sheriff Davis said the two were often involved in domestic disputes.

Now Hill is on the run for murder; “he was waiting to go to trial in January. This coming January. In fact, the first Monday in January is when our circuit court convenes, where had shot somebody.”

Hicks had just graduated from college earlier this month and her family is looking for justice.

“They are very hurt, and emotional, and they want him found. And rightfully so. So do I,” said Davis.

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