Shoppers return to stores to seek refunds on Christmas gifts

After Christmas shopping

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - Foot traffic kicking back up at Northpark Mall just a day after Christmas, but some stores are putting items back on the shelves.

“They’re a gift from my husband, they were a size too small,” said Charlotte Levine who was returning two pairs of Vans.

“No, I loved it but I just feel like if I get my money back, I can get something that I’m going to wear more often,” said Ryan Myers on his way to Hollister to return jeans.

When making returns, shoppers said having a receipt or gift receipt makes the process easier.

“If you don’t have a receipt, I do have a picture of my receipt today so hopefully, I get my money back and exchange or whatever," said Myers.

“You want to ask the person ‘hey would you mind making sure I have the receipt?’ Simply because if you need to get a larger size or something it goes much faster if you have a receipt for it," said Mary Tyes-Williams during her shopping trip.

If you don’t have one, most stores will take back the item as long as it isn’t used or opened in exchange for store credit.

Also, keep in mind a store’s return policy; “I’ve had an issue where I didn’t meet the deadline that was in small print, that I didn’t realize I had to do it in a certain amount of time. I’ve been stuck with merchandise a couple times in the past," said Levine

The tips also apply to online purchases and sites will let you ship back items for free.

“Be patient, you know. Just kind of have it in your head, have your cell phone fully charged, make it a fun deal. Don’t go in like ‘I’m going to run in and run right back out’ because that can lead to a lot of frustration and you have to realize that everybody else is trying to get in and out as well ,” said Williams.

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