‘We’re done with big ships’: Canton couple aboard as cruise ships crash into each other

‘We’re done with big ships’: Canton couple aboard as cruise ships crash into each other

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A Canton couple was aboard a cruise ship as it crashed into another ship, injuring six in Mexico last week.

Wendy Ballard, who was on the Carnival ship ‘Glory’ said, “At one point you could almost reach out and shake hands with the people on the balcony of the other ship, the ‘Legend.’ These ships are way too big to be that close together.”

Wendy Ballard and her husband Ronny were on a cruise for their one year anniversary last week when they experienced the crash first-hand.

“The bow of the ship goes through the back end of our ship, which was about four floors beneath where our balcony was... it rocked the ship,” said Ballard.

The result, a giant hole ripped through the back of their vessel.

Carnival cruise ships crash
Carnival cruise ships crash (Source: CNN)

Shaken up by the accident, the Ballards got off the ship with other passengers to explore Cozumel.

Wendy Ballard said, “We couldn’t enjoy that part because we were so scared that there was real damage to the ship, and we needed to be back on the boat so we could pick our stuff up and move to another boat or hear a new change or update.”

Cruise officials blamed rough seas in the port for the accident. The Ballards were now looking forward to their trips end.

“The biggest thing was we were worried about whether or not we were going to safely make it home, because we could see the cosmetic damage. We had no idea if there were structural damage. We were watching the divers dive down to make sure the rudders were okay. We were crossing our fingers but they got us home,” said Ballard.

Going through a storm on the final days with the ship rocking back and forth didn’t make the trip any more enjoyable, according to Wendy Ballard.

“We saved for a year for a vacation that ended up being a living nightmare. We’ve decided we’re done with big ships. We don’t want to get on another one because it was that terrifying.”

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