Deputy Brad Sullivan released from hospital after months of rehab

Brad Sullivan returns home

MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Three months after being shot in the line of duty, Madison County Deputy Brad Sullivan is home with his family for Christmas.

With blue lights and sirens wailing, officers from all parts of Mississippi were there to lead Brad Sullivan on his trip home from Methodist Rehab.

The caravan stretched for miles, as law enforcement made their way north to his home in Flora, where the streets were lined with people welcoming the recovering officer home.

“I am so happy for him to have survived," Pepper Miller said. "It was a miracle. We prayed for him. Our whole church prayed for him. He’s a wonderful man and I’m just so thankful that God allowed him to live--spare his life--for his family and his children.”

Deputy Sullivan's story one of amazing survival.

He was shot in the head in a blaze of gunfire, responding to a kidnapping call outside of Canton.

Madison County Deputy Brad Sullivan and his son
Madison County Deputy Brad Sullivan and his son (Source: Frist Responders of Mississippi)

His strength to overcome that injury an inspiration to others.

Jack Kirk, who came to welcome Sullivan home said, “I think it’s amazing. This rarely happens. If you get shot in the head, it’s most likely you’re going to die; he’s a tough one.”

They came from as far away as DeSoto County to make sure their brother in blue’s trip home went without a hitch.

Friends of Deputy Sullivan say he's shown incredible bravery.

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