'They deserve better than this’: Man 'appalled’ at conditions in Jackson cemetery

'They deserve better than this’: Man 'appalled’ at conditions in Jackson cemetery

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A 3 On Your Side viewer tells us he has concerns about maintenance at a city-owned cemetery.

He says he can’t navigate the tombstones and plots at Cedarlawn Cemetery on Capitol Street.

Adrain West says when he visited his relatives grave sight at the cemetery last weekend, he was appalled at the overgrowth.

“They deserve better than this. Even though they’re dead, they deserve better than this. This place shouldn’t look like this. Sticks, tires, trash, it shouldn’t look like this. Grass grown up over the tombstones.”

The grass high around many markers; so high that some are completely hidden.

West also says the amount of debris on the ground was more than should be allowed. He called the city looking for answers, but wasn’t able to get any.

“I know [the city] got money to get this done. I know they got money to get this done. This is the only graveyard in the city that looks like this. You can go to any other graveyard and you will not see the grave sites looking like this."

We talked to Ward 3 Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes about the state of the cemetery. He says the city should take the responsibility and clean it up.

If they don’t have the resources, he says they should contract out the work to save the embarrassment for families coming to visit their loved ones in their final resting spots.

“The dead cannot come and cut the grass and do things that need to be done," Councilman Stokes said. "The city must respond appropriately.”

When we contacted the city, they said they planned to mow before Thanksgiving, but the ground was too wet.

They say they will mow Thursday. We plan to update you if they do.

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