Miss. Democratic Party Headquarter’s lone staffer to leave post

Democratic party staffer leaving post

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The State Democratic Party is losing an intregral player in the day to day operations of the organization's headquarters in the Capital City.

Jacqie Amos is stepping down and believes the party must restructure to be effective for future generations.

“I’m the only staffer inside this office except for my volunteers, and so it’s been kind of difficult,” said the departing Democratic party official.

In just over two weeks, Jacquie Amos will leave her role as base organizer and trainer for the Mississippi Democratic Party.

For nearly nine years, she’s worn many hats, including organizing and overseeing 82 counties, traveling the state for voter registration, candidate recruitment, fundraising and more.

"As far as the state of the state party, I think that it definitely has to be revamped," said Amos. "There is not an executive director here with the state party. We do have a state chair".

The Democratic State Chair is Bobby Moak.

The Jackson native will remain as a member of the State Executive Committee.

But Amos said more support, from volunteers to money, is needed.

Support that she said began dwindling in 2014 when State Representative Chris McDaniel challenged U.S. Senator Thad Cochran.

"A lot of money was put on the ground in black communities for African Americans or black voters to vote for Thad Cochran. They did that. Once that happened volunteers kind of went away. It became how much are you paying," Amos said.

What is the fate of the Democratic Party with Republicans occupying all state offices and in control of the legislature?

"There are always a few of their colleagues of their republican colleagues that understand and are not afraid to go against the grain and vote their conscience," she added.

Amos will continue to be a part of the education and training processes.

The party reorganization begins January 11th at the State Democratic meeting.

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