Consider This: Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent

Consider This: Thursday

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Next week we will experience the Winter Solstice. That means we have our shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere in terms of daylight.

There are many states that have passed legislation to switch to Daylight Saving Time permanently, but they must get permission from the Federal Government to make that change. Not having to spring forward and fall back every year sounds like a great idea.

It’s proven that when we fall back one hour to Standard Time, and it gets dark earlier, there are more automobile accidents. And, when we switch back to Daylight Saving Time and lose an hour of sleep, there are more automobile accidents as people adjust their sleep habits. That’s a lose, lose situation. Staying on the same schedule year-round just makes sense.

Getting Congress to approve the change for states requesting to shift to permanent Daylight Saving Time is certainly not guaranteed. However, if more states join that group, it might increase the chance of it happening. Mississippi should join that group. Until that happens, we can dream about March when spring forward and gain another hour of afternoon daylight.

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