Domino’s in Ridgeland deems north Jackson too dangerous for deliveries after dark

Domino’s in Ridgeland deems north Jackson too dangerous for deliveries after dark

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - No pizza deliveries right now from a store in Ridgeland for some people living in north Jackson because of crime.

Company officials state that the business doesn’t want to expose its employees to the risk of robbery.

The Domino’s on Pine Knoll Drive is just across the county line from Jackson and officials said it won’t put its drivers in danger after the sun goes down.

Residents at the Crossings at Ridgewood on Ridgewood Road in Jackson said they chose the location because of it’s safety.

But Domino’s not far away in Ridgeland doesn’t think so and has stopped delivering pizza’s to the apartment complex after sunset.

One Crossgates resident told WLBT an employee said too many drivers were held up at gunpoint when delivering in north Jackson.

We reached out to Domino’s for comment.

“The safety of Domino’s team members is very important to us. There are some areas that Domino’s in Ridgeland does not deliver to after sunset because they pose a security risk to its delivery drivers,” said Danielle Bulger, Program Leader Public Relations. “The independently-owned store has unfortunately had a number of drivers who have been robbed after dark, and this policy is just one of the many things it does to protect its team members from becoming victims.”

Some Crossings at Ridgewood Residents are surprised by the snub.

“When I come home it’s pretty pleasant over here,” said Crossings at Ridgewood resident Norman Washington. “It’s not any trouble. I haven’t seen any trouble or heard any trouble.”

Others couldn’t believe the company’s claim.

“I don’t feel like it’s dangerous because you also have other delivery services that come out here,” said Kameelah Muhammad whose lived at Crossings at Ridgewood for nearly four years. “I know for a fact at night you also have other pizza delivery services that come out at night and haven’t had a problem or complaint from them.”

We reached out to the Ridgeland Domino’s in hopes of speaking to the local owner to find out more and were again referred to the corporate office.

Jackson police said they were unable to find reports of a driver robbed at the Crossing at Ridgewood Apartments.

In the last year JPD said there have been five to six robberies of delivery drivers in the north Jackson area.

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