Victim of Belhaven burglary finds her stolen property for sale on Facebook Marketplace

Victim of Belhaven burglary finds her stolen property for sale on Facebook Marketplace

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A house for sale in Belhaven was the target of a burglary that police say netted the crooks items they turned around and sold on social media.

One victim, a Belhaven homeowner, did some investigating of her own after being targeted and found her stolen merchandise in the possession of Clinton Police.

“You sort of feel helpless, so I sorta had to take it into my own hands,” said Erin Baxter.

The realtor began investigating her own burglary when the oven and several other items were stolen from the St. Ann Street home she has for sale.

Saturday she discovered thieves had removed furnishings that included: dining room chairs, rugs, mirrors and paintings.

The 35-year-old then began her own digging.

“I just searched on Facebook Marketplace ‘gas range’, and it popped up his Facebook page,” said Baxter. “This guy apparently sells appliances or apparently stolen appliances."

The determined home renovator found her oven posted for sale.

Clinton Police found it too, among dozens of items found from home for sale target burglaries.

"Cedric Robinson, this is our primary suspect in the case," said Clinton PD Detective Lt. Nick Sprowles.

Clinton police investigated a burglary last week that led to the discovery of stolen goods from Clinton, Jackson and across the metro.

“Sure enough he’s posting these items for sale just as he’s stealing them,” said Sprowles. “It wouldn’t be long after he stole them he would post it to a social media platform. Therefore we were able to figure out where he lived."

A warrant has been issued for 39-year-old Cedric Robinson, who is a convicted felon.

Contact Clinton Police at 601-924-5252 if you believe your items may be among the stolen merchandise.

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