Parents of students affected by JPS school closings bring questions to community meeting

Parents of students affected by JPS school closings bring questions to community meeting

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Big changes are coming to the Jackson Public School District.

JPS Superintendent, Dr. Errick Greene, announced that multiple schools are closing their doors for good, but what does this mean for the students?

“I just want to make sure this transition is going to be smooth,” said one concerned parent at tonight’s meeting.

The Jackson Public School District released its three-year-plan for school redesign and parents brought their questions and concerns to a community meeting Monday night looking for answers.

“Because we know these changes will take time to understand, we wanted to make sure to come out and talk to those parents directly,” said Dr. Greene.

So what does this mean for the students future education? Superintendent Dr. Errick Greene breaks it all down.

“We are proposing to the board that we close Barr Elementary, it is one of our smallest schools. Restart Vanwinkle Elementary as a Pre-K only elementary school.”

Other big changes include shutting down two middle schools, Siwell Middle and Hardy Middle School.

The plan is to have students transition to other JPS schools and it’s a situation all too familiar for parents like Charlotte Brent.

“I think about her mental health and things like that," she said of her daughter. "Her anxiety of going to a new school. Really, this is like her third transition.”

All 140 students at Barr Elementary will make the move to Pecan Park.

Other transitions include Hardy merging into Blackburn and Siwell Middle School students transitioning into Cardoza.

Van Winkle students will attend Bates and Clausell.

“It makes me feel like, okay, they already left one school. To go to another school and now they are closing this school and it is another transition. My concern is will it be the same,” continued Brent.

Dr. Greene wants to reassure parents that the redesign will only improve opportunities for students.

“Just know that we have thought a lot about what these changes will bring, and how it will land for staff members, family, staff members, etc. We want the community to know we are committed to making these changes in a thoughtful way,” Dr. Greene said.

Dr. Greene says the plan will be presented to the board on December 17th.

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