MDOT receives a multi-million dollar federal grant to buy buses for public transit

MDOT receives a multi-million dollar federal grant to buy buses for public transit

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Thousands of Mississippians without cars get to their destinations thanks to public transportation provided by the state.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation offers buses and public transit, especially in rural areas.

The federal government is helping with a multi-million dollar grant to keep those buses rolling.

Damian Brown of Hazlehurst is visually impaired and rides the Copiah County Transit bus to get to appointments and other locations.

The Copiah County Human Resource Agency operates the bus.

Living in a rural county, he is one of the thousands who relies on buses for transportation provided by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

“This basically will teach you how to live independently, and what this does is teaches you how to get throughout your community and how to interact with people,” said Brown.

MDOT was recently awarded more than $5.6 million dollars by the Federal Transit Administration to purchase more buses and related equipment.

The state provides public transportation for citizens for access to health care, jobs, education, shopping and more.

It serves not only the elderly and disabled but those who find it cheaper than operating automobiles.

MDOT Director of Inter Modal Planning said transportation is offered from the Delta to the coast and from Meridian to Vicksburg.

“We have provided assistance for buses for operating assistance as well. We cover about 65 of the 82 counties,” said Carr. “So we’ve got a series of transportation providers who are already prepared to go after these dollars."

Last year more than five million passenger trips were provided.

Fees are based on the local market with some rides starting at $2.00 for local trips.

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