Residents, city leaders continue rallying against proposed landfill in Ridgeland

The proposed new Madison landfill now go before D.E.Q. Permit Board.

Rally opposing landfill in Ridgeland

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - Residents and city leaders continue to galvanize against a proposed landfill in Madison county.

Thursday morning they held a rally at Rocky Hill Baptist church.

The group is opposing a company called NCL from building a landfill off North County Line Road.

It would be located just over a mile from the current Ridgeland city limits.

Proposed landfill creating sting in Madison County
Proposed landfill creating sting in Madison County (Source: WLBT Skytracker)

Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee who has been the most outspoken against the landfill.

The city has filed for annexation of the same area, hoping to make it a part of Ridgeland, zoning it residential to keep the landfill out.

Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee said, “Odor, air quality pollution, damaged roads lower property taxes, the health and safety and welfare of residents in Madison County, the City of Ridgeland, north Jackson are at stake.”

Next Tuesday N.C.L. will have a hearing before the permit board at the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

At that time they could take action on whether to allow or prevent them from going forward with their plans to build the landfill.

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