Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg makes campaign stop in Mississippi

Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg makes campaign stop in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The field of Democratic presidential candidates keeps changing and just more than a week after his announcement, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg makes a stop in Jackson.

Four Southern mayors have an open letter to the presidential candidates that they penned back in September. Jackson’s Mayor Chokwe Lumumba was among them.

“Mississippi has often been forgotten in that conversation,” said Lumumba.

Criminal justice reform was the focus of Tuesday’s roundtable in Jackson. Mike Bloomberg tried to address what’s sparked controversy for years right off the bat, referencing it in his opening remarks to the group and again to reporters later.

“On the practice of stop and frisk, I certainly got it wrong and I regret that and I’m sorry,” said Bloomberg.

He also used the opportunity to unveil his criminal justice reform policy proposal.

“Places like Jackson have different challenges, different opportunities and different perspectives than other parts of our country," noted Bloomberg. "But the challenges facing the people of this city are challenges our party has to confront head on.”

He suggests initiatives aimed at reducing the prison population, cutting youth incarceration in half and cutting crime with community-based programs.

“And I know that we can do it because in New York City we showed how much progress is possible,” he said.

A handful of Donald Trump supporters held signs and waited across the street from the venue.

“Just because Bloomberg’s a millionaire and got money he can throw around does not impress us," said Trump supporter Russ Griffith. "And we think Trump’s doing a great job and I think if we give him another four years, he’s going to completely turn this country around.”

But Bloomberg disagrees, saying there are two key things he wants to see happen.

“No second term for Donald Trump and two, stop pulling people apart," added Bloomberg. "We need to bring this country together.”

Mayor Lumumba says he’s hopeful that more candidates will take the time to listen to Mississippians and their perspectives.

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