Deer hunting canceled at Eagle Lake rec center after flooding depletes population

Deer hunting canceled at Eagle Lake rec center after flooding leaves sightings rare

WARREN COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Low deer numbers caused by this year’s flooding is causing one wildlife management area to cancel deer hunting all together.

Tara Wildlife at Eagle Lake has axed deer hunting on their property.

The decision was made in early July to give hunters a chance to change their hunting plans.

Officials there estimate 70-percent of the deer they normally see have either died or were driven out by the high water.

backwater levee flood and deer
backwater levee flood and deer (Source: david kenney)

Gilbert Rose, the President and Executive Director at Tara Wildlife said, “I can see where probably it will take us five years or more to get back to somewhere where we were prior to the flood, and that’s assuming the river is kind to us."

They're feeling financial impacts too.

Normally 350 hunters would pay several hundred or even thousands of dollars to harvest a deer on their land.

This year, even sighting a deer is a challenge.

Officials at Tara Wildlife are closely monitoring the deer that did remain by using trail cams.

They say even if hunters had access this year, the deer wouldn’t be that good.

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