C Spire event inspires future coders in Mississippi where 1,000 computing jobs lay vacant

C Spire event inspires future coders in Mississippi where 1,000 computing jobs lay vacant

BRANDON, Miss. (WLBT) - There’s now an exciting new option out there for high school graduates.

C Spire is working with Mississippi State University to launch a student pilot program to help educators, businesses and students thrive in a career that they say is struggling.

A coding event was held all across Mississippi Tuesday night for students hungry to put their software development skills to good use.

“I have always been into computers. That’s what first got me into this,”said junior Destiny Hill.

So let’s start with the basics. You’re probably wondering what exactly is coding? Well to put it simply, it’s what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites.

“It’s everything from your searches, content, logos... it is everything on a website!” explained junior Makayla Wallace.

Every year, the program introduces millions of students to an hour of computer science and computer programming.

The event educates and trains students to gear up for a career that’s in high demand.

And Brandon High School Junior MaKayla Wallace says it's something she has always had a love for.

“I want to be a computer science engineer. I am thinking about majoring in computer science in college,” said Wallace.

It’s an industry C Spire Marketing Manager Taylor Tidwell says is in the midst of a shortage.

“This is computer science month and a lot of these high schools are trying to move awareness to students that Mississippi does offer these jobs here. You don’t have to move out of state,” said Tidwell

Right now in Mississippi there are over 1,000 computing jobs open and waiting to be filled.

Just do a quick search on LinkedIn and you can see for yourself.

The goal of it all is to pave the way for students to graduate from junior college early with an associate degree and certification to start work as a junior software programmer.

“If these students know there is another option to do something they enjoy this age group is huge on social media. I can only imagine if they knew about how many jobs and the money potential they could make. The potential it would have for them would be great!” ended Tidwell.

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