Star community continues clean up one week after tornado rips through neighborhood

Star neighborhood cleanup

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Earlier this week a violent tornado ripped through parts of Rankin County damaging several cars and homes.

“I really did not think it was a tornado!”

Tuesday night’s twister damaged parts of the home Gary Glass and his wife have built memories in for the last 10 years.

And in a blink of an eye...

“I heard it started to rain. We walked into our kitchen and at that time a limb came flying through the window right here. We got down behind the cabinet and the fridge and by that time... it was over. Everything you see... was done in 20 seconds.”

It wasn’t until the next morning that they realized the extent of the chaos mother nature caused.

“I had a back patio, it is all gone. I had a storage shed, completely crushed. I had a car shed, now it is in the tree 40 feet up. I had a motor home and the shelter over it collapsed.”

Several homes taking a hit after the twister struck... tearing off roofs, and debris covering the streets, but Glass wants to give a special thanks to those who lent a helping hand.

“I just wanna thank and compliment the Rankin County Sheriffs Department. I guess it takes something bad to bring out so much good. The whole neighborhood.”

During this Holiday season Glass says he just remains thankful nobody was hurt.

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