Livingston Rd. bridge to re-open Tuesday

Livingston Rd. bridge to re-open Tuesday

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A North Jackson bridge that has been out for six months is finally scheduled to re-open.

The Livingston Road bridge, which closed back in May, is set to open Tuesday.

The bridge was deemed unsafe by the office of State Aid after they found rotted wood pilings underneath it.

Those have now been replaced with metal and concrete supports.

Hinds County officials say they stepped in and paid for the repairs at a tune of $250,000.

Motorists have been detoured while the bridge is out, causing some to become frustrated.

“Were hearing a lot from people, especially from the church here, the church saying they’re losing people coming to and from church because they can’t get up and down Livingston Road were glad to step in glad to help the city of Jackson," Hinds County District 1 Supervisor Robert Graham said.

Part of the delay in opening the bridge was having to get the original inspector from Louisiana back in town to confirm the repairs were up to standard.

Approximately 2,500 people drive across the bridge everyday when it's operational.

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