Taking Back Our Streets: Apostolic Restoration Ministries update

Taking Back Our Streets: Apostolic Restoration Ministries update

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In a 3 On Your Side “Taking Back Our Streets” report, we showed you how a south Jackson church is on a mission to improve a community that has fallen on hard times. That was in June.

We went back to the Apostolic Restoration Ministries on McDowell Road for an update on their efforts to address one glaring eyesore across the street from the church.

In my initial report, Pastor Landford Porter told me his mission includes making the eyesore that was once the Appleridge Shopping Center, go away. It’s in plain view of the Apostolic Restoration Ministries and things that go on there are not the kinds of things anyone should see, particularly the children here. The abandoned shopping center is still there, but there is progress to report.

Pastor Porter said, "Howard, we’ve made contact with the city, the department of community development and they called back this morning and we’re in the process of getting this property torn down and hauled off; work with the city; work with the Hinds County tax assessor to get that tax burden alleviated. there’s a new administration coming into the office at the first of the year, so we’re waiting until the new secretary of state gets in office and we’re going to start back up the process of acquiring that property, so that we can develop it.''

The plan now is to build a senior citizens retirement complex and Pastor Porter has found a like-minded associate in businessman Steve Nail. His property management company is already invested in the neighborhood behind the old Appleridge Shopping Center.

Steve Nail said, “As soon as we get this Appleridge shopping center torn down and get it hauled off, we’re going to make application with Mississippi Home Corp to get tax credit and that would be the driving force to let us be able to come back with an apartment complex here.”

Pastor Porter with this reminder:

“We believe in God that this is going to come to pass. As I said last time, God never gives vision without making provision and he always uses people to make his vision come to pass.”

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