Safety tips for Black Friday shoppers

Safety tips for Black Friday shoppers
Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be offered around Virginia. (Source: Virginia Tourism Corporation)

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Shoppers are heading to the stores for some holiday deals, and so is law enforcement.

“Police departments do a great job. We just send deputies over for a little extra visibility, extra security,” said Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey. These extra deputies will be seen on Thanksgiving.

“And again, that’s your first line of defense against criminals. It’s a show of force,” said Bailey.

Too many shopping bags may slow you down, so if you're going to put them in your car, the Sheriff suggests putting them in the trunk.

“Make sure they’re not in plain view cause most of of your criminals will be crimes of opportunity. So if they think they see something, a purse laying there, a new TV something like that -- something valuable -- they’ll break a window out to get to it,” he said.

Bailey said having a picture of the contents of your wallet before heading to the store can help you track the cards you might lose while out shopping; “I would carry just those credit cards. If you’re going to carry cash, I would take just that cash. I wouldn’t take all the cards, especially if you’re not going to be using them.”

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