Night before Thanksgiving is a big night out, statistics show

Drunksgiving Stats

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Johnny T’s in downtown Jackson is looking at a big night tonight. It’s the night before Thanksgiving, and everyone’s going to be celebrating. Owner Johnny Tierre says they’re preparing for quite the holiday crowd.

“We have an event called ‘The Experience,’" said Tierre. "So we’re expecting a lot of people from out of town to come in and enjoy the live entertainment, and Larry Johnson is bringing artists from all over the country and chef Bryan Myrick is going to put out a free Thanksgiving buffet.”

At Shuckers on the Reservoir, they’re also preparing for a larger crowd than usual. Some people say “Drunksgiving” or “blackout Wednesday” as it’s called sometimes gets almost as busy as New Year’s eve.

“It does compare a little bit, it’s not as big as New Years of course, but we do have a bigger crowd at times," said Kelly Russell, who works at Shuckers. "You know people don’t want to cook, so they want to come in and be able to eat and enjoy themselves and have a few drinks, so it’s usually a fun crowd and a good crowd.”

Police say they’re happy if you’re happy on the holidays... until you drink and then get in a car.

“Our big concern for the most part is when people have had a little bit to drink and they get behind the wheel of the car," said Byram Police Chief Luke Thompson. "Cause it doesn’t take much to impair you in your ability to drive, and a lot of people, they may not be drunk, but they are impaired.”

The highway patrol’s holiday enforcement season began early this morning. During that time, Troopers are out in force, slowing down speeders, running checkpoints, and trying to cut down on distracted and/or drunken driving.

“This is a very festive holiday," said MHP Spokesman Capt. Johnny Poulos. "People are going to be celebrating, and you can do that in a responsible manner by making sure you have a designated sober driver.”

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