Meet David Bond, the man who became $2,000 richer off a Mississippi Lottery scratch-off ticket

Meet David Bond, the man who became $2,000 richer off a Mississippi Lottery scratch-off ticket

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - If you thought there’s just no way you’d make money on the new Mississippi Lottery scratch-offs, well, think again.

David Bond of Wiggins is still in shock but glad he decided to play.

“I just picked up five tickets," he said. "Put 'em in my sun visor and I went hunting. Didn’t do no good hunting but came back home, sat down at the table, got me a cup on coffee and started scratching them off.”

He picked five of the Triple 7 tickets, 2 bucks a piece.

“I said, ‘Holy behold! Something’s wrong, this has got 100 all up and down this thing,’" recalled Bond. "I said, ‘I better go back and tell this woman at the store to check this thing.’ First thing she told me, she said, ‘Take this ink pin and sign it now!’”

His prize? $2,000 dollars.

“I’ve been to Louisiana," added Bond. "We go on vacation. I pick up one every once in awhile in different states. But, like everybody else in Mississippi, it’s the first time I’ve bought them in Mississippi yesterday because it was the first day.”

He was the first big winner and the Mississippi Lottery Corporation feels like day one was a win.

“Great day yesterday," said Mississippi Lottery Corporation President Tom Shaheen. "We exceeded 2.5 million dollars in sales. Our best estimate. What that means for the state yesterday is about 570,000 out of that 2.5.”

The retailers are paid 6 percent of every sale.

“There wasn’t any one part of the state that exceeded in sales and the four games pretty much sold at the same levels," said Shaheen. "The five-dollar game did better than the others, but most of them - same level of sales.”

And while it’s a good start, the corporation knows that sales likely won’t stay so high, but will probably shoot back up when PowerBall and MegaMillions start up in January.

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