Divers pull car from creek days after teen survived crash

Divers pull car from creek days after teen survived crash

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - MHP Troopers and deputies from Rankin County removed a car that crashed into a creek last week.

A teen was able to escape safely after her vehicle hydroplaned and went into the water.

The crash happened Friday afternoon on MS 25 near 471 in Rankin County.

The driver of the car, Anna Wimberley, said she lost control of the car when it started to hydroplane. Then she hit a bump in the crash and crashed into the water.

She was eventually able to get in the back of the car and kick open one of the rear doors before the back of the car was submerged, and swam to safety.

Wimberley and her family returned to the scene to see the car emerge from the water.

“It just cements in my heart how big of a miracle this really is this should not have been a survivable crash, but yet I can have my daughter standing beside me today,” Lon Wimberley said.

The Reservoir Fire dive rescue team had to hook the car to a boom wrecker. After several hours, they were able to finally wrap their cable onto a back wheel.

“I am extremely lucky," Anna said. "It was a very hard impact and you can see that when they pulled it out, and for sure after seeing that right there...it’s life changing.”

Anna is just 17 years old. She had a heart attack at age 13 and survived that too.

Her family plans to celebrate her this Thanksgiving after she miraculously walked away from the crash.

Mississippi Highway Patrol is warning drivers that when rain happens, always slow down.

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