Zebulum James cross examines his sister during murder trial in Hinds County Circuit Court

Zebulum James cross examines his sister during murder trial in Hinds County Circuit Court

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Testimony continued Wednesday in the fatal shooting of Suzanne Hogan, killed four years ago at the Shell Station on Watkins Drive and Beasley Road.

Zebulum James is accused in the case.

He has been described as being mentally ill but fit to stand trial and is defending himself in this murder trial.

Judge Faye Peterson assigned attorney Trent Walker to assist James.

It was a very emotional day for his sister who was subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution. Keturah James told the court that she did not want to be there.

During questioning by her brother, she became emotional and had to take a break.

The older James testified that her brother had mental illness and was treated at Brentwood.

She also told the court that he was not on his medication on the night of the shooting and is not receiving medication even now.

“He was saying people were following him,” said Keturah James on the stand. “Somebody was following him. I suggested that we go to the police department and then he would just sit back down and forget what he just said. He said he thinks he hurt somebody. Then he was saying he couldn’t remember if he did or not."

Earlier in the day, JPD homicide Detective Darrell Owens was the second witness for the prosecution.

He testified that he investigated the shootings in which witnesses identified James and his blue mustang.

Owens said James was tracked to the Briarcliff South Apartments where police found a nine millimeter handgun in his vehicle.

The detective said James tested positive for gun power residue.

“He was very irate, distraught, resisted arrest,” said Owen.

During cross examination James asked Owens. "But he wasn’t charged?

“No, he wasn’t,” Owens replied.

James asked Owens, “Would you say that there were, in fact, more than one individual report of random shootings?”

"Of course there was more than one," said Owens.

James admitted to smoking marijuana daily prior to the shooting spree in November of 2015.

Wednesday the prosecution rested its case.

Court resumes Thursday morning with James continuing his defense.

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