Ridgeland adding traffic cameras with federal grant

Ridgeland adding traffic cameras with federal grant

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - They’re posted up watching us at most of the busy intersections already in Ridgeland, and now the police department says there will be more cameras, which they’re adding at no cost.

A Homeland security grant will now allow them to add more eyes in the sky.

“So we can monitor traffic if we have traffic backups and if we need to provide enforcement in those areas,” Assistant Police Chief Eric Redd said.

(Source: WOIO)

The $30,000 grant will also allow for the purchase of handheld flashlights, keeping their officers safer in dark places.

The cameras, which will help them keep more eyes on the road, could speed up your commute in places.

“It’s very important because we can identify places where there are traffic buildups and where there may be accidents and stuff we can monitor and take precautions over. Very nice of them to take care of that we appreciate any money we can get from the government," said Redd.

The department plans to put out bids for the cameras purchase and installation in the coming weeks.

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