City of Jackson begins clean up of abandoned south Jackson apartment complex

City of Jackson begins clean up of abandoned south Jackson apartment complex

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - For more than a decade now, 3 On Your Side has been covering the nuisance property that was once the Casa Grande apartment complex.

Now, there’s finally some relief from the eyesore on the corner of Terry and Sykes Roads.

Jackson city crews were on site of the long abandoned, burned out and overgrown property, cleaning up what has become an illegal dumping ground.

They are even mowing the grass and trimming overgrowth in an around the the 37-year-old property.

It is a decades-old problem that area residents like Lee Bernard have been fighting to resolve.

“We are very pleased that they are in the process of cleaning up this dumpsite that has been used for years and the worst part of it, it’s right near a school, Sykes Elementary, and you have the school children or the school students that look at it just about everyday and they need something more positive to look at than a trash dump,” Lee Bernard said.

“It’s bad enough that we have a structure, a burned structure, you know, that can cause problems within itself, within the environment, but what makes it even worse is when people start dumping and this becomes an illegal dumping ground right around the corner from Sykes Elementary,” Ward 6 Councilman Aaron Banks added.

City officials announced Phase 1 of an effort to eventually raze the structure to make way for single family homes to be built on the property.

For now, Councilman Aaron Banks says the city will cover the cost of the clean-up, but the property owners will be billed for the work.

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