Consider This: No Landfill in Madison County

Consider This: No Landfill in Madison County

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - There is one county in Mississippi that has two landfills; Madison County. Now there is a push to develop a third landfill. The proposed site of the third location is near the city of Ridgeland, and the city is strongly opposed to the planned garbage dump.

Not only is the city opposed, it has filed a petition to expand the city limits by annexing thousands of acres of land, land that includes the proposed dump site, which would sit about a half mile from the current city limits border. The city is hopeful this annexation plan will put a halt to the landfill plan.

The landfill as currently planned would sit in the county. So, where do the Madison County Supervisors stand? They have been mostly quiet and have gone into executive session in recent meetings, meaning their conversations are held in private.

Over the past few elections new representatives have been chosen to serve on the Madison County Board of Supervisors, primarily because voters were not happy with the decisions and actions of previous leaders. The supervisors are elected to stand up for the people of Madison County. Unfortunately, the lack of action by the supervisors to fight this landfill is out of touch with what most of the people in Madison County want.

The Supervisors should come out publicly against this plan and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality should decline – or at worst postpone – the permit request at its upcoming December meeting.

With more landfills than any other county in Mississippi, the last thing Madison County needs is one more garbage dump.

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