Company behind landfill opposes Ridgeland’s annexation plan

Company behind landfill opposes Ridgeland’s annexation plan

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - The company trying to build a new landfill in Madison County is formally opposing the city of Ridgeland’s effort to annex the site.

An attorney for NCL Waste told the Madison County Board of Supervisors that NCL has hired an additional lawyer to focus on fighting annexation.

Mayor Gene McGee is against the landfill and hopes to extend his city limits to include the property where it would be built along North County Line road.

“We feel very strongly that we already have two landfills in Madison County," McGee said in September. "I don’t know of any county in Mississippi with three landfills. We’re hearing from landowners about property values, the smells, and we think it doesn’t need to be built out there.”

The Department of Environmental Quality is currently reviewing the landfill proposal.

Proposed landfill in Madison County continues to draw opposition from community

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