Residents brace for more cold and windy conditions sweeping across the state

Residents brace for more cold and windy conditions sweeping across Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - While some people who work outdoors are taking steps to stay warm, shelters are opening to help the homeless and the hungry.

Due to cold and windy conditions, some day shelters are opening their doors to the homeless, hungry and folks who need to stay warm.

This is just one way to cold weather is impacting the metro.

“I love it. I lived in St. Louis for a while, so it is not too bad here,” said one Jackson resident of Tuesday’s chilly weather.

Others were spotted working, walking, and running in the area bundled up to fight the frigid temperatures.

“It is so cold. I am not a big fan,” said another. “ I had to put on two coats and two pants.”

American Medical Response officials say the winter-like conditions are no joke and should not be taken lightly.

“Remember the Five P’s: Protect, Plants, People, Pets and Pipes,” said AMR spokesperson Jim Pollard. “Take this cold snap, although it’s going to be brief, seriously.

"It is possible for somebody in the Deep South to become hypothermic, and that is for their body temperature to drop dangerously low. It’s important that you dress properly to conserve heat at least three layers of clothing, even indoors,” he continued.

Shelters are also opening their doors so people can get out of the cold and get a hot meal.

"We have had a gentleman that passed in an abandon building before. We’ve had women who have been outside, it’s too cold to sleep outside and no one should have to do that,” Opportunity Center Director Christie Burnett said.

Stewpot’s Opportunity Center on West Amite Street in Jackson is now open and can hold up to 50 people. They are also calling on people to donate food, water, coffee and clothing to help those in need.

"Think of a mother, or child, or senior citizen that is sleeping at the bus station in these frigid temperatures. We need to take care of those people,” said Burnett.

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