Report: Mississippi ranks in the top 10 states where you are most likely to hit a deer

Report: Mississippi in the top 10 states where you are most likely to hit a deer

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - November is the peak time for deer collisions and, believe it or not, Mississippi lands a spot in the top 10 states where you are most likely to hit a deer, according to a claims analysis by State Farm.

“As it gets cooler the deer start moving more. The cold weather is going to mean more deer hits,” said Leon Hemphill of Capitol Body Shops.

November’s cooler temperatures and darker nights makes it difficult to share the roads with deer, and Capitol Body Shop is gearing up for the busy months ahead.

“Typically the cooler months: November, December, January, February, we see a majority of the deer hits.”

Fifteen-percent of the Body Shop’s repairs come from a deer collision, something Hemphill says can be a tough price to pay.

“The average price of a deer collision now would probably cost you around eight-thousand dollars,” said Hemphill.

“It could be as little as breaking a mirror or breaking a grill, you know, a couple hundred dollars. Or we have seen eight or twelve thousand dollars in damage,” said Chuck Smith, owner of Smith Brothers Body Shop.

So what can drivers do to avoid coming face-to-face with a deer? Deer whistles have been a popular product on shelves for years, but do they actually work?

“Oh, they don’t work. Deer whistles have been proven to not really be that effective,” said Hemphill.

A claim also echoed by Smith, who said, “I have fixed many cars that have deer whistles. If I have fixed none then maybe I would believe in them.”

Here’s a few reminders to keep in mind before you hit the road.

“I would suggest to just slow it down this time of year because [deer] are all on the side’s of the roads and wherever you live in the state of Mississippi," suggested Smith.

“Never try to drive a car that has been involved in a front-end deer collision,” said Hemphill.

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