5-year-old boy honored in B’ham for huge donation to Wounded Warriors

5-year-old boy honored for helping veterans

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Jayden Magliaro is young but doing extraordinary things.

The 5-year-old boy from New York was honored in Birmingham this weekend for donating thousands of dollars to wounded warriors.

“I wanted to make money for the wounded warriors to make their body parts feel better,” said Jayden Magliaro.

Jayden received the award from The National Veterans Day Foundation. He and his mom, Donna Magliaro, were flown from Lindenhurst, New York, to Birmingham to celebrate Veterans Day.

In July, Jayden opened a lemonade stand and sold iced tea and other snacks. He raised more than $4,000 and donated all of it to veterans.

“You don’t see enough of that nowadays with young people, especially someone at 5 years old that has that heart for our veterans, especially our wounded veterans,” said Mark Ryan with the National Veterans Day Foundation.

Ryan said when he heard about the big donation by Jayden and his family, he wanted to show the importance of honoring those who support our nations hero's.

"Those people that support the veterans are important as well. And what a better than to start them out like Jayden here wanting to do something for our wounded warriors," said Ryan.

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