Turkeys terrorize 55-and-older community

OCEAN COUNTY, N.J. (News 12 New Jersey/CNN) - Turkeys are running wild in one 55-and-older community, and it’s starting to scare neighbors. Residents say the birds are blocking doorways and pecking at cars.

When a News 12 New Jersey reporter went to the neighborhood to investigate, he found two on a roof.

“It's like the trajectory. They come out of the tree, they kind of - it's kind of halfway down to the ground, I guess,” said George Campbell, who lives in the neighborhood.

When there are 20 or so wild turkeys, each weighing up to 25 pounds and capable of running about 20 mph, they can be frightening.

"And they are all over the place,” Jack Adams said. “There are massive amounts of turkeys in here. I did stop the truck yesterday and they were gobbling, gobbling, gobbling and I'm sure they can chase some people around."

Others say if you don't provoke them, they won't bother you. They see them as a benefit in the neighborhood.

"They're like traffic cops. People speed down the highway all the time and we need speed bumps. Instead of speed bumps, we have turkeys,” Richard Flecker said.

Local animal control isn't licensed to trap them, so wildlife officials were notified.

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