Wednesday Night Weather Forecast

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - We reached a high of 78 degrees today. The normal high is 70 this time of year and the normal low is 46, which was the actual low temperature for this morning. While our weather will be nice for a time tomorrow, showers will be on the increase and temperatures will start trending lower. Don’t be too concerned about severe weather Thursday or Thursday night. With highs near 70 Thursday, temperatures will be dramatically colder Friday with temperatures in the 50s and sunshine. This weekend will be sunny and highs will reach to near 60 Saturday and in the 60s on Sunday. The next cold front will get here Monday and this will be a strong one. Again, the threat of severe weather is low, but temperatures will drop off so that it will be cold Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs will be in the 40s and lows will drop below freezing. Monday night and Tuesday look wet and cold, so a wintry chill will make things feel even worse early and into the middle of next week and this will be significantly cold for this or really any time of year. Southeast wind at 5mph tonight and shifting from the Northwest at 10mph Thursday. Sunrise is 6:22am and the sunset is 5:05pm.

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