Ridgeland annexation plan moves forward, could move 250 residents into city limits

Published: Nov. 6, 2019 at 6:58 PM CST
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RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - Ridgeland’s plan to annex land and neighborhoods west of Livingston Road has been in their master plan since 2008.

Just over 250 residents would move into the city limits through the move if approved by a chancery judge in the future.

They would receive new services like fire and police protection, and even recycling.

Most importantly the land would include property where a landfill is being proposed by a company called N.C.L., which is heavily opposed by Mayor Gene McGee and others.

“We feel like we need to go ahead and annex and protect our borders,” said Mayor McGee.

The land is Ridgeland’s only option for expansion. They’re bordered on the south by Jackson, the east by the Reservoir, and Madison to the north.

Proposed landfill in Madison County continues to draw opposition from community
Proposed landfill in Madison County continues to draw opposition from community

“We don’t think there needs to be another landfill. Obviously two landfills in Madison County is enough and there’s plenty of growth left in the Little Dixie and also in the Canton landfill for many years to come. We don’t feel it’s necessary to have another one,” Mayor McGee said.

Some of those that have lived in the area for generations welcome the annexation.

Diane Rouser Spann, a longtime resident in the area said, “I think we like Ridgeland more than we like Jackson because, out here, we don’t have a high crime rate because Madison County is not going to tolerate it.”

Currently the city is awaiting a recommendation by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, which will be presented to the Madison county board of supervisors on if they should approve the construction of the NCL landfill, or not.

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