Judge Tomie Green throws out petition to make Jackson follow Civil Service orders on sidelined cops

Judge Tomie Green throws out petition to make Jackson follow Civil Service orders on sidelined cops

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Civil Service Commission has ordered Officers Anthony Thompson and Darrell Robinson to return to work at the Jackson Police Department after being fired for not completing paperwork by the end of shift on the day of the incident that preceded the death of Mario Clark, whose family says he was beaten to death by police officers.

But on Friday, the petition brought by attorneys for another nine officers asking for their jobs or their regular duties back was thrown out of court by Hinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green. But it appears she didn’t follow the routine steps.

“Typically with a writ of mandamus, you would have a hearing, but Judge Green looked at the filings and made a decision that she didn’t need to hear anything from the attorneys, and that would certainly be something we would take up on appeal as well as the underlying merits of the decision,” said Cory.

The case was initially assigned to Hinds County Circuit Judge Winston Kidd, but he recused himself on Monday. It was then assigned to Green, and within the same week it was tossed.

Green’s order denying the writ of mandamus says the commission’s directive “that the above listed employees are to return to full police duties immediately” did not offer her enough reasons to proceed with the case.

When the civil service made their ruling that the officers be sent back to work, the city was given 30 days to respond.

“But that wasn’t done in this case. That’s why we just can’t understand why we’re at this point now,” Springer said.

So after watching this happen, how do city employees know that their civil service rights are protected? Springer says this is the only case he’s ever seen treated like this.

“The most difference between this I’ve had with the civil service system and the Jackson Police Department is that the city has refused to honor the order of the commission. I’ve never had that happen before," Springer said. "I’ve never heard of that happening before.”

Springer and Cory say they will be appealing the case to the state supreme court. We attempted to contact Judge Green's office and she did not answer calls or emails.

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