Mississippi’s race for Attorney General will be history-making

Historic race for Attorney General

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - You’ve seen the ads and heard statewide candidates taking jabs ahead of the general election. But the race for Attorney General is set to make history, no matter the outcome.

Lynn Fitch has served the last two terms as the State’s Treasurer. Jennifer Riley Collins is an Army veteran and former Executive Director of the ACLU of Mississippi. The history making piece of the race? Mississippi has never elected a female Attorney General.

“Since we’ve not had many women ever serve in statewide office, I feel like this is really an opportunity to really be a role model, a mentor for other women that might want to participate in whatever capacity,” said Republican nominee Lynn Fitch.

Riley Collins would make history in another way if elected, as the first African American elected official for a statewide office since Reconstruction.

“The more important history to me is being elected as an African American, as an African American woman to one of the state’s highest positions because it says something great about our state,” noted Riley Collins.

Riley Collins says she’s viewing the office not as the chance to gain a position but to help the people.

“What are the top issues?" asked Riley Collins. "Healthcare. Healthcare is a priority for us because we need to make sure we take care of each other. I’m looking forward to establishing within the AG’s office a division of labor to make sure workers know what their rights are. I’m running to make a difference for people.”

Fitch says she’ll champion law enforcement and work to combat the opioid crisis and human trafficking.

“I’m going to be very strong and smart and diligent about crime," explained Fitch. "I’m going to prosecute those that take advantage and they perpetrate fraud and abuse on our Mississippians. You can also count on me to protect. Protect our most vulnerable.”

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