3 On Your Side: Voting Reminders

3 On Your Side: Voting Reminders

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Christina Louie cast her ballot Wednesday.

“I wasn’t going to be able to get to the polls the day of election due to my job," explained Louie. "So, I came on in to vote absentee.”

She grew up with her family members working at the polling booth, so she has always known the importance of voter education.

It’s issue like infrastructure where she understands the consequences of this election.

“Bad roads... I mean, I need to know where my money’s going to be going to," said Louie. "I need to know how it’s going to be going. I need to know who’s going to be in charge of distributing that money.”

If you’re not going to be able to go to the polls Tuesday, you have till Saturday at noon to go to your circuit clerk’s office to vote absentee.

But if you plan to turn out next Tuesday—make sure you’re ready. You can go to yallvote.sos.ms.gov.

There, you’ll find information to prepare you. Under “voter information” is the polling place locator. Type in your address and it will show you where to go vote and will show you a sample ballot.

Hinds County Circuit Clerk Zach Wallace says that voter education is an important piece.

“We get a lot of questions sometimes," noted Wallace, "Who is this person here? I need some assistance. What’s this person running for? I’ve never heard of this person before.”

Wallace says doing your homework is beneficial whether you’re voting absentee or next Tuesday.

“That saves them a lot of trouble looking at the ballot," Wallace added. "Like I said, it’s a double sided ballot.”

No matter the day you vote, you’ll need an ID.

“Voting absentee is better than not voting at all,” explained Christina Louie.

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