Miss. Department of Mental Health hosts postpartum depression lecture

Miss. Department of Mental Health hosts postpartum depression lecture

MADISON, Miss. (WLBT) - Clinical Psychologist Mallory Malkin taught social workers, nurses and other professionals how to help those with postpartum mood disorders in Madison, Wednesday.

“We all have to be united in order to identify and provide appropriate referral bases because in the end, all we want is for these women to be identified, provided the appropriate care and make sure that their babies are healthy and they’re healthy,” Dr. Malkin said.

She also explained how young or first-time mothers are some of the women at risk of developing depression.

“And with Mississippi... our most recent vital statistics about a 9 percent rate of teen mothers and that’s a high risk factor for postpartum mood disorder. So, we got a lot of women in need of clinical care and appropriate treatments."

The board for the Department of Mental Health organized the seminar.

Dr. Sampat Shivangi is board member and said he was excited to spread awareness.

“We should not lack. Mississippi should not be the last state in everything. We can take a lead and we can be in the forefront to make this issue a priority of Mississippi," he said.

Apart from lack of diagnosing, Dr. Malkin said social stigma keeps women from speaking up.

"Normalizing the baby blues versus postpartum mood disorders and understanding it’s okay to ask for help. And not every new mom is glowing and happy and it’s okay to identify those as concerns and reach out.”

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