JPS students lend a helping hand to other students in need

JPS students lend a helping hand to other students in need

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In a world full of bullying and peer pressure, Jackson Public Schools has found a way to reduce student conflicts and increase bonds between peers.

It’s called the TAP or the “Talk About the Problem” Program.

Several outstanding JPS middle and high school students were selected at Tuesday night’s ceremony to serve as a peer mediator for their schools.

And what exactly is a peer mediator?

It’s a student that has been specifically trained to work with other students one-on-one.

Their main job is to counsel students when dealing with conflict and helping reach a resolution.

“I am an understanding person and I am not quick to judge. I know we all go through stuff, especially as teenagers, so I just want to help other people,” said Cydnee Burgess

Burgess was one of the many students selected as a mediator Tuesday tonight, and she is eager to lend a helping hand!

“You have to be cooperative with them, be understanding, can’t judge, and everything is confidential. You just have to really try to understand what they are going through.”

The program empowers students to help stop conflict and violence inside schools.

Back in 2009, 10 years ago, the Institution of Southern Jewish Life started the TAP program right here in Jackson at Blackburn Middle School, and Dave Miller says it has only grown since then.

Miller is director of the program.

“We really, truly believe that the skills they have learned in TAP should not only be used inside the school system, but also be apart of their lifelong development. We have heard amazing stories about how they use these at schools but also when they get home!”

The hope is that students will carry their skills over... even outside of the classroom.

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