'It’s all non-stop’: Voters weigh in on how the constant campaigning is impacting them

'It is annoying’: Voters weigh in on how the constant campaigning is impacting them

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Checking the mail, turning on the TV, driving from point A to point B - you’ve probably seen the campaigning in one or many forms.

Elijah Simmons says he can’t seem to escape it.

“I am so tired of the ad campaigns," said Elijah Simmons. "Guess what? I think I might need to get a medical emergency here right about now. Call the ambulance. I’m sick of it.”

Others are enjoying seeing candidates, especially in the race for Governor, duke it out.

“They’re giving it all they’ve got, you know," said Keith Johnson. "It might involve a little too much mud slinging for some people’s taste. They are getting aggressive and they’re very competitive. But I enjoy the competition. That lets me know that both candidates care at the end of the day.”

But we wanted to find out if the onslaught of campaigning left something to be desired.

“The phone calls to the house, the media, the television... it’s all non-stop," admitted Sharon Carter. "I will turnout and exercise my civic right to vote, but it is annoying.”

Most folks seemed to agree that there’s a need to do your own homework.

“I think that everyone needs to educate themselves about who they’re going to vote for," noted Audrey Coley. "I think the ads do help. But I think you need to look yourself.”

“Make sure you’re not just doing what everyone else is doing," added Austin Davis. "Whoever you vote for, make sure it’s the person you want to vote for.”

Candidates are hoping increased visibility will translate to a higher turnout but it’s not been enough for everyone to make a final call yet.

“I don’t know," said Keith Johnson. "I’m still undecided.”

The general election will be held next Tuesday, November 5.

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