Recovery begins after wild weekend weather sweeps across Central Mississippi

Recovery begins after wild weekend weather sweeps across Central Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Clean up continues after wild weekend weather knocked out power to thousands of homes and left damage and destruction across parts of Central Mississippi, especially in Simpson and Smith Counties.

“The rain came, but the wind started just gusting. The wind was frightening to me,” said Linda Pruitt.

A big mess was left behind from the severe storms that rolled through Simpson County. It caused a supersized oak tree to fall at Pruitt’s nursery in Magee.

“The tree was already leaning. I thought ‘Oh my goodness,’ so we moved a vehicle and we got out of the way, and I will say probably within 15 minutes or less it came down,” said Pruitt.

The wild weather also left a path of destruction a block over on 4th Avenue in the city.

“When the wind came through it blew the tree onto the home. There was a family in the home, but they did escape. There was one child with a minor injury,” said Simpson County EMA Director John Kilpatrick.

Over in Smith County, Raleigh Elementary is usually bustling with activity, but that was not the case Monday. The wind and rain pounded the state over the weekend, knocking power out of many schools in the county and forcing them to close their doors.

“The priority is the safety of our students and staff. We had 80 percent of the county without power. We had some trees down on some of our campuses, some of the awnings were blown away and we were checking our freezers and coolers in the cafeterias to make sure all that is safe and ready to go for tomorrow. We are planning to have school tomorrow as normal,” said School Official Robert Miles.

Getting back to some normalcy is also what Simpson County EMA Director John Kilpatrick says the county is focused on now.

“When a storm like this comes through, you never know the result of it is. After we got through the storm, we cleaned up the streets and made sure the homeowners were all safe. At this point we are just trying to protect the property and get the streets flowing again, so people can get back to and from their homes.”

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