Embattled officers, victim’s family both suing the City of Jackson

Overlapping lawsuits

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A lawsuit brought by the George Robinson family against the city includes the officers involved in the Robinson case as defendants, but it creates a question:

The city's leaders have been responsible for keeping those officers off regular duty by casting doubt on their actions as officers, but will they back them now that it's time to cover their own bases?

Attorney Michael Cory says the city should stand behind their police.

“When accusations are made against these officers that are not true and have been determined by the department to be not true, they need to stand behind their officers and tell the public there’s another side to the story that’s not being told,” Cory said.

One possible hitch in the big picture is that the officers are also suing the city after the Civil Service Commission mandated that they be put back on full duty.

They're not, though. This has led to the loss of overtime pay and the ability to work security jobs, as well as having K9 partners taken away from two of them.

City leaders have said they are waiting on clearance from the District Attorney's office, a practice not regularly used by previous administrations. Attorney Francis Springer calls bull on that.

“As far as we can tell the District Attorney’s office is not investigating this. I’ve heard that but I’ve had no indication at this time that it’s being investigated by the DA’s office,” Springer said.

So the city seems to be in an odd spot.

“We do not think that the claim is going to prevail against these officers. The claim against the city, their training, things like that, that’s for the city to speak to,” Cory said.

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